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Unify our offerings to increase your bottomline. Increase sales, improve operational efficiencies, automate processes and integrate your departments to create a dynamic organization that responds fluidly to the ever-changing pharmaceutical environment. Harness the continual power of our cloud based services to develop your business processes and propel your organization forward.



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      Create reports from any device, anytime,anywhere. Our cloud based platforms empower users with real-time analytics of your data. Instantly uncover key metrics to make informed business decisions that drive sales and increase revenue. Easily present statistics with dashboards, graphs, charts, and spreadsheets built around your specific needs.

      Real-time prescription reporting for reps,prescribers, patients and employees

      Pinpointed analytics for locations,employees, insurances, drugs, formulas and more

      Integrated dashboards, graphs and charts provide instant visual information

      Display prescription details for users with customizable notes, statuses and color coding options

      Download activity in excel or search and filter your data by date ranges and keywords


      Still shuffling paper? Making prescriber calls? Manually faxing? Integrate automated processes into your workflow to reduce or eliminate routine and time consuming tasks. Communicate behind the scenes over all mediums including voice, email, fax and text.

      Empower your pharmacists with autogenerated cover sheets, prescription pads and faxing services on prescription interchanges and status changes

      Integrated notifications for insurance,prescriber and prescription events (voice,fax, email and text)

      Prescription validation and assignment:scrub prescriptions and assign based on pharmacy dispensing capabilities


      Go Hybrid! Integrate departments,roles and processes to streamline your workflow. From intake to validation and from calling to processing, RX Systems Development will expand your capacity and capabilities, reducing dispensing time and improving customer satisfaction.

      24/7 access from any device with our cloud based solutions

      Integrated calling & processing centers

      Cross platform integration–link retail,speciality, compounding, toxicology and other services into a seamless web environment


      RX Systems Development will help you keep your sales force, staff and customers in the know. Let us understand your workflow and then develop methods to improve it with efficiencies by keeping the information you need a click away. Present information, send notifications or interact with custom, role based portals that provide answers and get results.

      Centralized prescription management combine all your locations and departments into a single, intuitive web based platform

      Prescriber enrollment tools for interchanges and notifications

      • Patient, insurance and prescriber search tools

RX Reporting System

Can You Get Reports From Any Device Any Time

Real Time Prescription Reporting Portal Live access for prescribers,reps and staff

Pinpointed Analytics on locations, drugs, insurances, formulas, employees and more

Display Prescription Specific Details for users with customizable notes,statuses and color coding

Prescription Validation And Assignment Scrub prescriptions and assign based on pharmacy dispensing capabilities.

RX Tracking System

Is Your Workflow Efficient ?

Centrilized Prescription Management Integrate locations, departments and workflow into a single intutive platform

Advanced Prescription Workflow Automation Automate or eliminate routine and time consuming tasks

Instant Analytics, Dynamic Workflow Quickly identify trends to boost sales and increase profits

Integrated Notificationsfor insurance, prescriber and prescription events

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